My favorite sport game, Fifa 17.

My favorite sport game, Fifa 17.

In fifa 16 you are only able to do simple free kicks but, in fifa 17 there are different types of free kicks now.

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This is one new free kick that you can do.


hqdefaultSomething else new that you can do is make your own kit but only in pro clubs mode. There is a new called the Journey, its kind of like a story mode. There are a lot of stuff to do in fifa 17. One thing that you can do is play online which is to go against other real people. Something else you can do is a fut draft, that is where you build a team from scratch, first you have to pick a formation, then players. For the players you have a selection of 5 players for each position, its the same for the formation.

the-fifa-17-futdraftAs you can see here, this is a fut draft. There is a selection of players to choose, you can only choose one. When you are done building the team you can play with it in online or single player. I have done a fut draft before and it was very fun, and it was kind of hard to win when I played online.

There are a lot of teams in fifa 17. My favorite International team is Brazil and my favorite league team is FC Barcelona.

Now, I think you should maybe make a blog post about your favorite sport game. What is your favorite sport game? What is your favorite team?