Presents Day (Christmas)

Presents Day (Christmas)

Christmas is almost everyone’s favorite holiday. Like, I do not know anyone who does not like Christmas. Christmas is the time of giving, receiving, and just having fun. If you happen to stumble along this, and you don’t like Christmas, let me tell you why it is the best holiday in the year.

One reason it is the best holiday in the year is because we get some amazing presents. If you don’t like presents, than you must be  a very mature person. Presents are amazing to get because you never know what you might get in them. People might get a Iphone, or even just a really well written card that makes you feel good. Presents can also be something that you really need, or something that you just really have wanted for your whole life.

Another reason that Christmas is THE BEST holiday is because you spend quality time with your family. Some people never spend time with their family, which makes them feel far apart, but on the other hand, when you are together with your family, it just makes you feel extremely happy. When you are with your family on Christmas, you feel amazing. You might laugh a ton or just sing some nice Christmas songs together.

The final, and best reason, is just simply because of the food. The food on Christmas is amazing. Everyone loves food, but Christmas food is a whole different level. Their is a variety of food that makes you want to eat until your stomach explodes. Some example of food is hot cocoa, cake, and cookies. These foods are amazing, but there is a ton more. It all just depends on what you family likes to eat.



To sum it all up, Christmas is the best holiday that will ever be made in the universe. Christmas is like the ultimate holiday, with all the best things in the world combined. Is Christmas your favorite holiday? I know for sure that it is for me.