So ugly they’re cute By Emma

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by : Emma
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So ugly they’re cute. I love  hairless cat’s a lot of people don’t find them as cute. There are really important thigs you need to know about hairless cats! If you are a cat lover but are allergic  to them this is no the pet for you because cat’s  produces a lot of oil and hairless cat’s produce even more. This is bad because the oil that cat’s produce is the thing you are allergic to most likely. Also, have you ever felt a peach? Well, peaches are a little fuzzy  and that is most likely what a hairless cat is going to feel like. If you get A hairless cat and it is fairly small in size that is because hairless cats are known for being small  so don’t be scared if they are smaller  then you thought they end up getting biger. Last, this is a wired one THEY LIKE WATER I don’t know why but most hairless cats like water!

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