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This is Student Bogging Challenge Week #9

The is so many types and flavors of ice cream, it’s hard to choose! But, I know some that you might like. For example, one of my first favorites is mint chocolate chip. It is good, but if you don’t really want any crunch, then you could stick with mint and chocolate syrup.  Adding some sprinkles like in the one below adds a nice touch too.


A lot of people walk into a store or a ice cream shop and wonder what flavor they should get. Places like coldstone let you customize your ice cream, like if you want extra toppings, they will give it to you. When you go to their shop, you might see that they don’t have anything in the ice cream, and they mix in toppings for you. Some toppings that they have are: chocolate chips, chocolate shavings, fudge, candies, and even peanut butter!


Now getting to all the best flavors, one of my favorites right now is cotton candy. Also, for any of you who like root beer floats, cotton candy ice cream tastes great, and it’s even better than vanilla! You can easily find cotton candy ice cream in Walmart if you are interested in buying cotton candy ice cream. Another one that has great flavor is sea salt and caramel. I like this flavor because it gives the sweet and salty flavor that I love. You can find it in Walmart as ‘sea salt caramel truffle.’ You can also mix caramel syrup and sea salt if you have it if you want to make it at home. Lastly, if you like cookie dough, then you should also try birthday cake as well.

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