The Best Holiday Ever

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Christmas is here, and it’s bringing me cheer, because Christmas is the best holiday ever, and I’m here to tell you why.  First of all,   it doesn’t take presents  or even money to be happy! Christmas helps people get into the holiday spirit, by being with everyone you love, which makes everyone happy during Christmas, even you Mister Grinch.  Anyways, Christmas is a another holiday where it’s not about getting, but is about giving. Christmas helps everyone give more to people who need it, and when they do, it makes them and someone else happy.  What’s also great about Christmas is, it can help you get closer to your family. It helps you spend time with them, laugh, and enjoy the moments with them. After all Christmas brings everyone closer, friends, neighbors, family, even your pets. One thing I love doing during Christmas, is baking with my family, and they like eating it too. I also love sitting with my family when we are opening presents and see the joy on everyone’s face.  Christmas, may be full of presents, but it’s also a day of happiness, which is why Christmas is the Best Holiday Ever.

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