The Mysterious Life of a Black Hole (written in star perspective)

The Mysterious Life of a Black Hole (written in star perspective)

Today is going to be fun!  This is the day when I (the star) will be reborn into something new!  Something different!  A… black hole!  After a few hours, I will transform.  My mass shall crumple and become smaller and smaller.  My own gravity will crush myself.  Soon, I will become a small, dense point with a whole lot of gravity, and I will suck things up that wander too close.  In fact, my gravity is strong enough to turn objects into noodle shapes!  Yum!

I am new to this part, so I’m forming a theory about it.  I think once I suck things up, the objects will travel to the other side of a white hole.  The objects are in a whole new place with different galaxies.  I have another theory, too.  Maybe when I suck things up, I have a force field full of buzzing energy that destroys anything.

You might think I will stay a black hole forever.  Well, I won’t!  From my center, hawking radiation slowly makes me shrink.  It will make me very, very small.  Soon ( billions or trillions of years later), I will evaporate completely from existence.  I will become nothing.

Well, even if I’ll disappear soon, I think I will be happy as a black hole.  See you later in my reborn form!

(All of the facts and theories are true).