The Pet Shop

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For my 11th birthday my mom and dad say that I am old enough for my own pet. After looking around on like fifty pet shop websites I choose one called The Labyrinth. When My parents drop me off they give me 200$ to spend in the pet shop. As I walk in I see that this is no ordinary pet shop It is filled with cages that have mythical animals. I look up and down the rows of animals and suddenly I see the one. It is a baby griffin. As I walk up to the counter to tell the shop owner the one that I want I see a note that say: Clearance store wide all pets and pet items are free. I couldn’t understand my luck. I went to go and get the griffon but it was already out and it had a care book in it’s mouth. I went to go and grab some food and a cage when I go back the griffon jumped into the cage and I grabbed the food I left the 200$ on the counter to say thank you. When I walked out of the shop I called my mom and dad to pick me up. When they got here They were like, “what is that?!” pointing to my griffon, “It’s my pet, I think that I will name her Heather.” I say. I crawl in to the car and we drive away.

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  • Really cool story! I enjoyed it! :)

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