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There is many types of dogs that you can chose from a big one a small one or evan a medium one so in this post I will tell what do in my opinion you should get. Here are some tip on a big dog you have to have a big place not a apparent way too small for that place. The bigger dogs sleep more and get tired out faster tha means that if you want a dog to go on runs with you don’t get a big dog. Then you need to let them rest and have a back yard for them to run around it in.

If you want a medium dog they do still need a back yard but they can go on a good run with you. They will need a lot more attention from you than the big dog will. Then with some of the medium dogs they love to be on your lap and some of them hate they will lay right next to you. There are some downside to it they will need to be taken on a walk every 4-5 hours because they need to get out of a small place so if you don’t have a good amount of time on your hands they are not the right fit for you

Ok now the one you have all been waiting for the small dog they are a very good running dog. The smaller dogs love you till you get them off you. They can live in a apartment if you want to they only need a walk once or twice a day so if you have a busy life you may want a small dog. If you don’t have a back yard than that’s ok but you will have to have some time to go the park with them.

In my personal opinion the best dog over all is the jack russell terrier chihuahua mix. It is interject when it’s outside but once it’s in side it’s calm it loves to sit on your lap.Then it is one of the most loyal dogs I have meet and own myself.It is jus tso kind to it owner and it has a gret sparet That is why it is on the top  of this blog post.

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