Write this conversation.

“Excuse me, miss” squeaked the tiny penguin, “but would you happen to know what time it is?”

Lyla looked around, trying to identify who had spoken to her. She looked straight over the penguin, not realizing he was there.

“That’s odd,” she said aloud to herself. “I could have sworn I’d heard a voice.”

“You did!” shouted the penguin. “I’m down here!!”

Lyla looked down, and then jumped in surprise.

“Are you telling me that you – ”

“Yes” the penguin replied, cutting her off.

“Well, it’s 1:43” said Lyla.

“Thank you, miss. I really do appreciate it. I have to catch the 2:00 o’clock bus on 25th and Western if I hope to make it to my meeting on time, so I’ll be on my way.”

“Okay then, Mister Penguin. Good luck at your meeting!” she shouted after him as he walked away.

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