Are Rich and Famous People Always Happy?

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by : Emma
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Rich and famous people aren’t always happy all the time.  According to the text, it say’s “A celebrity sometimes has to wonder if they have friends for who there are or for what they have.” This means some rich and famous people have to wonder if they have true friends. Sometimes that can be a little hard. Also, the author stated if you don’t make good choices you can end up being known for them. These means don’t make bad choices or you will be on the news the next morning. For Example, sometimes there too many photographers. sometimes it can get annoying because they get in your face. This means sometimes the people trying to take photos can hurt you when they get in your face. Last rich and famous people have many reasons why they don’t always want to be on stage all the time.


  • Emma,

    I think you did a good job on your paragraph. I like how you quoted from the text, and put it into the reader’s perspective as a celebrity. Although I didn’t understand what you said about fans being capable of hurting celebrities from getting in their faces. What does that mean?


    • Ryan,
      what I ment was they can get in there face and hit them or hurt them.

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