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         “What are we going to do teddy?” Belinda asked.

“I don’t know Belinda,” said Taytay.

“They think I’m crazy when I tell them that you can really talk,” I told taytay.

”Belinda, it’s because they don’t believe.” I replied to Belinda.

” But Taytay how do we make them believe that you really can talk?” I asked my stuffed animal.

“Belinda I have and idea go back to the house. I promise I won’t let them take you,” I promised Belinda.

” You promise TayTay?” I asked hoping Tay’s promise would be true.

” I promise.” I told Beli.

Belinda picked up Tay and started running back to the big house by the river. She was scared of what was going to happen. They left the house for one reason, because every time she told her parents that TayTay could talk they didn’t believe her and the last time she told them they thought she was becoming ill. She promised herself she wasn’t, at least she thought so.

“Ok tay whats the plan?” I asked Tay.

“Your going to leave me out here and walk into the house. When you walk in I want you to do the following that I tell you. Do you understand Beli?” I asked the only person who ever believed I could talk. I did feel bad because I couldn’t talk not really. It was all in Beli’s mind.

“I understand taytay.” I replied.

” When you walk into the house tell your parents that you left me to float down the river. And that your becoming older and more mature, and that you don’t need a imaginary talking animal in your life anymore. Repeat what I just said.” I told Beli.

“No! Tay, I will not do such a thing.” I didn’t want tay out of my life he did talk it wasn’t my mind I knew it! At least I made myself believe it was true.

” Beli, I don’t care, I am all in your head and this is the only thing that will work you have to forget about me. Now repeat what i said.” I couldn’t let anything happen to Beli she wasn’t well and I saw that. I just hoped this would work.

” Ok I promise.” I promised tay and repeated what he said to him. I would miss him no doubt, but maybe this was all in my head.

“Good now go Beli, go and live your life like your should. I will miss you.” I told Beli with such sincerity.

“I will miss you too TayTay.” I stated to him while walking to the house sobbing. I just lost the only thing that actually made me feel like I was living.

” Belinda McHowlin!” My mother yelled when I walked into the house.

” Hello mother. I was wrong you were right. I got ride of the teddy bear, I am not crazy.” I yelled walking past her up the stairs. I ran into my room and continued crying on my bed.

” Don’t cry child.” A voice said.

I looked up from the bed and saw a figure standing in the shadows of my room. I didn’t expect that this would be my end. Not of life but of life on earth.


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