Dialogue Assignment

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“Your eating my grass,” Jim moaned.

“Then find some more,” Richard snorted.

“But,” Jim growled,” this is my spot.”

“I’m sure you can find some more, Jim,” Richard sneered. “You do seem to find a lot of extra food.”

“Like what!” Jim roared.

“The extra crops the farmer didn’t pick up of course,” Richard hissed. “You know, the ones you didn’t share with anyone.”

“If I had shared I would not have gotten as much,” Jim complained.

“Then you can consider this as punishment,” Richard scolded.

“I still don’t think you should eat my grass,” Jim said.

“Well get used to me because i’m not leaving until you tell everyone you didn’t share the extra crops,” Richard exclaimed.

“Fine,” Jim groaned. “Lets go.”

“You go by yourself,” Richard mumbled,”because this is really good grass.”

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