how did martin luther king j help in his I have a dream speech.

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marten luther kings j’s  gave his speech so that black and white can be treated the same. and now there are no more ” WHITE ONLY” sines. but there our still people that are not being treated the same although its not as bad as it was it is still happening. WE can also do stuff to help so others will think it is wrong to treat people  different from there skin. there are many ways you can help if there is a kid at your school who looks different or speaks different make friends with them to show others you don’t care what they sound like or look like you just like them because they are fun to play with. you can also pray for them. 

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  • Looking for ways to be a good friend to people who are different is a great start. How can you meet people who are different than yourself if many people at your school look and believe the same things you do? Is this okay for young children, but when we get older–is it better to have more friends who are different than we are?

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