My favorite vacation!!!!

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My favorite family vacation was when my whole Mom side went to Hilton Head. We have been going to Hilton Head since I was a little kid. We try to go every year but, everybody is so busy and we can’t do it every year. The last time we went was last summer. Every time we go we rent a house big enough for all of us.  We have our own private pool in the backyard and we swim in it every day. Are house is usually walking distance to the ocean. When we are on the porch we played card games.  We play speed, euchre, and more. We stay for seven days. It was so much fun! We Had bike rides everyday. When we go to the beach we jump in the waves, we play baseball games, and play in the sand. In Hilton Head there is a little town called Harbor town. Harbor time has the coolest park ever! The park has tire swings, steep slides, there was a big tree house. It was really tall and wide. Harbor town also, has the best ice cream! They have so many kinds of flavors.

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