One Little Word

One Little Word


My word for 2017 is “anyway”. I had a hard year in 2016, and I am working really hard to stay strong, so I wanted to keep the idea of being strong when things are hard.

So in 2017, I will do my very best to brighten every piece of the world I can reach, even especially in the midst of so much darkness.

I will be kind, even especially when others are not.
I will be joyful, even especially when it’s difficult to find joy.
I will be strong, even especially when I’m worn out.
I will be brave, even especially when I’m scared.
I will give my best, even especially when it seems to not be enough.
I will forgive those who act hurtfully, even especially when they act unwilling to work for healing.
I will love. Everyone. Even especially when it hurts. Even especially when they seem hard to love.

I love this word because it allows me to keep living my past words… even especially 
when it’s hard. I will keep  connecting [1], keep  delighting [2], keep being  a spark [3], keep  loving [4], and keep being  strong [5]



(You can read my whole post about my word on my blog here: [6])