What kind of change has been made in the world since Martin Luther King made his “I Have a Dream” speech?

There have been many changes like Martin Luther King Day was created to honor Dr. King and the many ways his work reminds us that we can all work for equality and respect within our communities. There is much more to do since many schools and neighborhoods remain segregated with black and brown people experiencing inequality in the quality of education and housing. I can continue to seek ways to make connections with people outside of my community and within my community to support people who are not being treated with respect. This means listening to people when they express concern about their lives. Then working with them personally and with others politically to create spaces where everybody is treated as an individual who can make a meaningful contribution to society.

Specifically this means, giving to organizations who work to build low income housing, tutoring students who are falling behind in schools and also giving my time to be with people who may look differently or have had different experiences in their lives than I have had.

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