Would the world be a better place if we were all the same?

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I think the world would be good and bad if we were all the same. If we were all the same then nothing bad or someone can’t make fun of someone. If we weren’t all the same it would be bad because we weren’t all unique.

It would be good because there is such thing as bullying in the world. Some people bully because of the way someone looks. If we were all the same then no one could be made fun of because we all look alike. We could all be nice to each other with no mean words coming out of someone’s mouth.

it would be a bad thing because if we wee all the same then no one could be unique. Unique means to be different. Just like a blue bird living with black birds in a nest. Uniquetivity is something that makes you YOU. If we were all the same we would be the twin of the person next to us not our self.

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