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I choose this word because in 2017 there are many possibilites in this and in my life and different events and different timelines I wanna choose the right ones this year. What can happen and what will happen, some are chosen in pure curiosity of what will happen. Then asking yourself should I do this or should I not, nobody knows what the future holds. With that being said what path will you choose?


My goals are

  1. To be better at basketball
  2. To do better on my assignments
  3. And to have a better relationship with my family

Number 1 is to do better at basketball because it’s a game that I love and one that I want to practice. Once I do this maybe I can join a basketball team and practice even more. Once I do that years later I can join a high school basketball team. More years after that I have a chance to join a college basketball team, but this all a possibility and could not happen so I need to think of another plan because this could not happen.

Number 2 is to do better on my assignments because right now i’m getting B’s and A’s on my assignments. I want to study more and work more so I can get them organized and be a better student in 2017.Once I complete and get good reports on those assignments  I will  have less trouble doing those assignments I will be much more ready in the future.This can help me so I can  focus on whats ahead of me and not the past.This is only a possibility if I try.

Number 3 is my last but not least goal and that is spending more time with my family. Because I want to have a strong relation with my family. Because right now I don’t feel like I don’t have strong relation with my stepmother. because we don’t have many strong experiences together. but it is only a possibility if I make it one. And open up more to her because I want to get to know her better.

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  • Good post i like how clear your goals

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