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I want to be more responsible through 2017, and on even after that. Many things in life are easy to just walk away from. But when you walk away from those things, you’re hurt. You’ll fall behind and not be able to catch up. The world is moving so fast, as much as I want it to wait for me, it won’t. Which is why I need to be more responsible. My goals for this year are to

-Devote more of my time to art

-Actually take notice of my goals/resolutions

-Not turn away from things

As for art, I’m sure that it is a huge part of my life. For a while, I spent every spare moment that I had drawing. But I fell behind in 2016. I would be on my phone or playing video games instead of doing anything productive. I should instead by practicing. Bettering myself.

I’m trying to look at art as more than just a hobby. That is really why I should be more responsible. I’ll get nowhere if I just sit there, not doing anything with art and falling behind. I need to be the best artist that I can be. Nobody is going to take me seriously if I draw like a preschooler. I won’t be able to rightly even take myself seriously.

As for the second one. I let go of my goals too easily, and I set them too high. They won’t change anything if I don’t act on them. So I need to do the responsible thing, which is literally just being more responsible. By setting goals like that is just putting me up for failure. On the other hand, not achieving even smaller goals is a failure automatically.

I need to be responsible by deciding that I will do what I need to do. Now, turning away from things. I’ve done just that with multiple things. Such as friendships and things that are not easily achievable. I don’t vodus on those things and they build up into disaster. I run away from hardships too easily, when instead I should be facing them. That needs to stop, and I need to stand up for myself. Not letting myself ignore the struggles in life that I’m hit with just as everyone else is.

That is why I need to be more responsible with things important to me and things that go wrong. That is why I need to have the word ‘responsible’ in my life. For too long I’ve walked away from my responsibilities, and my personal goals. Now I’ll pay attention to what actually matters in life.


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