What smell brings back happy memories? Start with the smell and lead into the happy memory. Tell it like a story.

The smell of Pine trees brings me back to my childhood and simpler times. Whenever I come across the smell of Pine trees it reminds me of Big Bear and more specifically of my grandparents house in Big Bear. Growing up I spent a lot of time at my grandparents house in Big Bear. I still remember the green two-story house with white trim and rose bushes all around it. I spent a lot of time hiking and playing outside where the smell of pine trees was everywhere. Even though they had to sell the house years ago I still remember everything about it and the smell of Pine trees brings me back there. I start to remember the feel of the carpet underneath my bare feet, the way door handles would shock me from all the dry static in the air. I remember by grandpa’s chair and the smell of his after-shave. Every night after dinner he would grab two spoons and put them in his shirt pocket and then we would go to his recliner where my grandma would give him a bowl of vanilla ice cream with peanut butter¬†chunks and chocolate syrup. I would sit on his lap and he would share his ice cream with me. In the morning I would wake up to the smell of bacon and go downstairs to breakfast where my grandma always had cantaloupe¬†for me because she knew it was my favorite. We would all sit there and eat breakfast and watch the news on mute because my grandpa would forget to turn it back on after he would mute the commercials. Life was a lot more simple back then and they are memories that I will never forget.

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