Which would you rather swim in: a pool full of jello or a pool full of milk? Why?

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I would swim in a pool full of jello because milk always gets really old or it can taste really bad if it is in the sun too long.I would chose jello because jello can taste really good even if it has been in the sun too long.Also I have only had it once Jello smells good and milk smells like someone just ate an onion!Also milk is only white and some times if it get to old it can get lumpy or it can get to bad for you to swim in and that would be really hard to switch it out.Just imagine having a big thing of probably moldy or really old milk on the top of your car.Ok,back to the jello.Jello is a really pretty color like purple or pink!It can also have a lot of flavores like lime and strawberry and orange cherry and last but setenly not least jello can be lemmon flavred.Jello is like goo.Milk can get lnmmpy.Eeeww!That is why I really like Jello more than milk. Thats why i will swimm in jello insted of swimming in milk.

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