Your class gets a pet zombie. Write an instruction manual for proper zombie care.

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So my class has a new pet…………ITS A ZOMBIE. So this is about how to take care of a zombie. Step 1) Feed it. If you don’t keep the zombie feed then it might eat you and other surroundings. Step 2) Don’t make it mad. The zombie also WILL eat you. Step 3) Make sure they have other friends. If the zombie doesn’t then he/she might follow you everywhere. Step 4) Make sure it has a spot to pee and the other one, like on a pee pad or something cause they cant go to our bathroom. it might pee on you, or the other one. Step 5) Gain trust. If you don’t gain trust then he/she wont listen or control his/herself and wont listen to you.



  • I thought Kyleigh’s story was so good! I love how she structured the text around a numbered guide! Great job!

    • thxsm Mrs.Vanoy

  • Good job KyLeigh

    • thxsvm Sarah

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