Your class gets a pet zombie. Write an instruction manual for proper zombie care.

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So today our class  got a pet ZOMBIE. Yes a Zombie. For all those people out there who want a zombie for their birthday, the pet store down the street has them, both genders, all ages. However, you might want to know how to take care of it so it doesn’t eat your brain. That would be bad. Anyway this is a step by step instruction on how to take care of your new pet Zombie.

Step 1:  You must feed your Zombie. Remember Zombies get hungry easily so you must create an eating schedule. For example, we humans tend to eat breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. Zombies eat breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and midnight snack. That’s a lot of food. But thankfully they are willing to eat anything and can be trained to feed themselves.

Step 2: Zombies are a lot like babies or young children and need to be potty trained. After all they eat six times a day! Zombies are willing to try new things such as potty training, with a reward of course. Now the reward doesn’t have to be large, it could be a simple hug. They love to feel proud of themselves so please remember to congratulate your Zombie when needed.

Step 3: Zombies are Zombies, they will make mistakes just like humans. So, you have to discipline your zombie. They may not enjoy it but you have to be a responsible zombie owner. If you got a dog would you want it chewing everything you own up? No of course you wouldn’t. You would obviously discipline him or her so it doesn’t be bad.  Zombies are the same way, you might just want to use different methods. Such as, the time out corner, no dessert, or maybe even a grounding from a favorite toy.

Step 4: Love your Zombie. Just like you and me, Zombies need love and affection. Just play with him or her and give them attention just as you would want.

There you have if. How to take care of your Zombie.


  • Amazing story!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is so good! My favorite thing about your writing is your voice! You always have great organization, but I see so much improvement on the voice in your writing. You had so much personality! The beginning made me laugh out loud!

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