Give this horse a name and tell all about it.

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by : Alec
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If i had to give this horse a name it would be old plain face.I would name him this because his face is plain,and his body is one color.If i had to choose another name it would be kam because of kam chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks,my favorite NFL team.Either way i like both names,but the girl’s name would be old plain face, and the guy’s name would be kam chancellor.That is what i would name the horse.

Now i will right some free choice.The first baseball practice is this Saturday at 3:00 in the afternoon.I hope that we do really good this season and that we win a lot.I hope that my coach is good to.I want him to make the best choices for us.I just want to be good for my own good and hope ghat everyone else on my team is great to.I also want to be on the same team with all of my friends.That is my free choice paragraph.

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