Is Seaworld helping or hurting orcas? Make your case.

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People have been talking about how Sea World is helping or hurting their animals. I’m going to prove that they are hurting animals. First, orcas don’t have a proper habitat. says; “Orcas spend 95% of their time in the shade in the depths of the water. Sea Worlds tank is only 40 feet deep, not nearly deep enough to reprieve them from the harsh elements. Because of this they have severe sunburns and put black zinc oxide (which matches their skin) on their sunburns so the public can’t see them.”(;-;)

Second, they take orcas away from their families. From the same website, it says that “A 32 year old orca named Tilikum was captured at the age of 2 by a marine “cowboy” He wasn’t taken from his natural habitat because he was injured-instead he was torn away from his family against his will.”

Lastly, The trainers are performers not biologists.The same website says,”Contrary to popular belief, trainers often have no formal education in marine biology. Their main purpose is to entertain and put on a “good” show for visitors, not educate people about the intelligence, social nature, or natural families, foraging behavior, and habitats of the animals held at SeaWorld.

You might argue that Sea World helps orcas, but heres the weakness.

The orcas have no proper habitat,Sea World takes orcas away from their families, and the trainers are performers.

These reasons prove that Seaworld is hurting animals.


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