Make a list of all the green things that you can think of.

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A) Algae, Alligator, Apples, Artichoke, Asparagus, Avocado
B) Beret, Bird, Bottle, Boxes, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Bugs
C) Cabbage, Cactus, Candy, Caterpillar, Celery, Chartreuse, Christmas lights, Chrysalis, Cleats, Clothes, Crafts, Creme de menthe, Cucumber, Cups, Cypress
D) Dark, Dress, Dye
E) Emerald, Envy, Evergreen trees, Eyes
F) Fatigues, Ferns, Floor, Forest, Frog, Frosting, Fungus
G) Geckos, Gem, Glasses, Grapes, Grass, Grasshopper, Green, Green beans, Green monster, Grocer
H) Hose, Hose, Hue
I) Iceberg lettuce, Iguana, Insects, Ireland, Irish beer, Irish flag, Ivy
J) Jade, Jealousy, Jelly beans
K) Kelly, Kiwis
L) Leaf, Leaf, Leprechaun, Lettuce, Light, Light, Lime, Lime, Limo Jello, Lizards, Loden
M) Markers, Mint, Mold, Money, Moss
N) Nature, Nile, Notice
O) Observe, Olive, Onion, Ornament
P) Paint, Parrots, Pea, Pea pod, Pears, Pencils, Pepper, Peridot, Peter Pan, Pickles, Pistachio, Plants, Plates, Praying mantis
R) Rainbow, Reeds, Rotten food
S) Sage, Scarves, Sea-foam, Seaweed, See, Seeds, Shade, Shamrock, Shoes, Shorts, Slime, Snake, Sneakers, Spectrum, Spinach, Spring, St. Patrick Day, Stockings
T) Tadpole, Tennis ball, Tile, Tissue paper, Trees, Turf, Turquoise, Turtle
U) Unripe bananas
V) Varieties, Vegetables, Verdant, Visible
W) Wall, Watch, Water, Watermelon, Woods
Y) Yarn
Z) Zucchini











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