May the force be with them. Tell their battle story.

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1:Luuk astronut I am your culprit 2:NOOOOOOO!!!!why why why would you steal my nuts you bastard I think that you deserve a good hit on the head.3:o my god 1:who are you 2:ya who are you 3:I am Goober 1:cool 2: ya cool 3:want to get some sodas 1:ya one second I gust need to kill Luuk astronut first and then I could go. 2:ya and befor I go get some sodas I gust need to get all of my nuts back and kill this guy before I go. 3: ok let me get some popcorn so that I can watch this fight 1: ok 2: ya ok 3:[ha ha this will look so good on my squirl tube account and I will call it NUT WAR’S 2]


NUT WAR’S 2 watch it in pincone trees today for ages 1 year and younger because squirrels don’t live that                                             long.

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