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I chose  Charlotte and Templeton as my character  for writing about. First i will tell you about Charlotte. Charlotte is a kind loving spider. She is kind to Wilbur when Wilbur just got drope off at the farm and he has no friends to talk to or play with but one day when Wilbur is sad and all the other animals are being mean to Wilbur and Wilbur is crying. Wilbur hears a voice and he looks around the  barn the voice says “Go to sleep you will see me in the morning Wilbur.  Another act of  kindness is when wilbur has nothing to do he asks Charlotte.   Charlotte is kind and she helps him figure it out. Now i am going to talk about Templeton. Templeton is a rat he only cares about himself. He only goes out from under  Wilbur’s  trough  when either when wilbers food is dumped into his trough or when in the book says that Templeton comes out when Charlotte calls for Templeton to come out so he can do stuff for Charlotte. Why does he  do stuff for Charlotte? I have no idea. Maybe he is afraid of  Charlotte?That is what i know about Charlotte and Templeton.I hope you like what i wrote and i also encourage you to read the book “Charlotte’s Web”.

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