Majestic mountains soaring high

shrouded in clouds and mist

stunning and beautiful

Guarding a secret,

a hidden power within.

Placate it now stands, but

disturb it and it’s fury will be unleashed

fire bubbles at it’s core,  waiting to be released.

the Earth shakes, the mountain trembles, on the verge of eruption

smoke billows from it’s dark maw, blocking the sun, casting a shadow on the world

lava spews upward,  raining fire from clouds of grey ashes,  gleaming bright in the gloom.

flowing down the mountainside, a  glowing river of molten rock, destroying all that stands in it’s way.

once beautiful, now deadly, it’s fury is now known, it’s secret power revealed, it’s unstoppable power to shape 

and change the land around it,  it’s lava decimating forests and creating new mountains with every eruption. 

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Post Privacy Published on March 04 | Creativity
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