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The pin Family By Angie

its starts with a group of pins . the 1st one was called flow .  The 2nd one was called Allie . the 3rd one was called will . the 4th one was called sunny and last was ruffles ! they were a good family until JOSH.  he does weird stuff with his toys ! flow shouted ”        Run ! he is coming ! ” josh ran to them ! just right about when will replied “RUN !! were gonna die !! ” good thing his mom told him to get inside ! ” I think I know why said sunny .”  * Drip* Drip*Drip* All the  pins said ” ITS GONNA RAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  we found a mouse hole and got inside it was boring so we decorated it and put a door cause the mouse was dead . We ate some apples they were good  . AND WE LIVED BETTER THAN USUAL   !                THE END!!!!!!


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