Should certain topics or pranks be off limits when it comes to April Fool’s Day?

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Of course!

YES! Especially if it’s about… family, friends, your country, something your passionate about (a.k.a, your talent, idea, pet, etc). If it were me, one bad thing about my family, country or friends (etc), you wouldn’t even know what hit you. No, seriously. (Well, not SERIOUSLY…) See, I LOVE my family, friends, ETC so say anything bad about me but NOT the things/people I LOVE. Like, I get it, April Fools’ is right around the corner and “you might be SUCH a prankster” but DON’T CROSS THE LINE and I KNOW that you agree with me (will, you should…). I mean, prank all you want… I don’t care… but I bet the people around you would…

( Just saying ’cause I mean, there IS a thing called PAYBACK/REVENGE… and like people say, “treat people the way you want to be treated” ’cause they won’t just LET you get away with it, because either she/he wakes up and gives want you deserve (with help), or ‘someone else does…) 

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