Different types of animals

Have you ever wondered about what your favorite animal does all day, or where they live, or  even what they eat.  All animals have their own special  things that they do in there life. Also all animals are different and unique.  Well, today is your lucky day because I am going to tell you about some animals and what there life is like.


Let’s start off with an animal you might have in your house. A hamster is a pet  that you can keep in your house, they often wake up at night and sleep during the day. This means that hamsters are nocturnal. Nocturnal means that animals are awake during the night. There are also different types of hamsters. One type of hamster is a golden hamster. A golden hamster can live 2-3 year, and it can be 5.1-7.1 inches long. Hamsters can eat a lot of things. They can eat cucumbers, broccoli, peaches, and bananas.


Another animal that you might know of is a pig. A pig is usually known for living on a farm and getting dirty, but you can have them as pets too.  There are different types of pigs, like potbelly pigs, meat pigs and teacup pigs. Potbelly pigs are pigs that huge stomachs and some people have them on farms. Meat pig are pigs that can weigh up to 250 pounds. But only 144 pounds of that meat is edible. Finally, is the teacup pig. A teacup pig is a super tiny, and adorable pig that can be kept as a pet. Teacup pigs only weigh about 12-40 pound, that is why they are such good pets. Also pigs can be kept inside your house, but first you have to potty train them.
In conclusion, there are many different types of many animals. Some animals you can have as pets, but some you can’t. Hamsters are cute, and fragile creatures. Pigs are creatures that come in many different sizes. Now you know that there are many different types of animals in the world.

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