What chores are you responsible for at home?

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I am responsible for quite a few chores at home. My family has some different strategies for organizing who does what; one way that we do this is our weekly chores. We have a chore chart with our names on it and every week we rotate. I definitely have favorite jobs and prefer these above the others. We also have some chores that are “dinner jobs” and some that are “house chores.” But both of them are equally aggravating.

So in my household we have a chore chart. My mom created it by listing all of the chores that were needing to be done, and then split them into five sections (which is the number of kids in my house.) Each section contained about 2-3 chores, one dinner chore and one house job, which I will explain later. Next she laminated the paper and wrote each of our initials next to a certain group of chores; and then those were our chores for that week. Each week we would rotate to the next job. And that’s how our chore chart came to be.

Like I have said earlier some of our chores our designated dinner chores and some are house chores. The dinner jobs include ones that have to do with our meals such as, unloading the dishwasher, loading the dishwasher, setting the table and sweeping the kitchen. The house chores are usually done whenever mom needs it throughout the week; they are the cleaning up around the house type of stuff. They include stuff like, wiping down the bathrooms, dusting and vacuuming the family room also taking out the garbage.

I do have some favorite chores. They are the easiest to me, they include setting the table, unloading the dishwasher and vacuuming the family room. But because chores are grouped together with like 1 or 2 others sometimes my fevorite chores are mixed with my least favorite chores and I’m stuck with both for a whole week “blaugh.”


  • I have to do a lot of chores too. Amazing writing!

  • I like how you organized your writing. :)

  • I really like how you included some of the chores that your family do and what chores you do. Awesome story!

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