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Everything is still calm and quiet. I’m sitting with my friend staring at the beautiful night sky and light green completely mushed together. It is a breath-taking sight and I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life. We are lost in the freezing north pole. The green light looks like another galaxy in space far away. Plus, I don’t think we’ll

get home anytime soon. Maybe. Just maybe. We might be able to get home and talk about our adventure with some other friends at their house. No one is coming for to save us. We were dropped off by a helicopter to do a mission but now that we are lost I guess that we have failed. My friend stood up and said: “I have activated my emergency bracelet so the helicopter will be coming back soon to get us and take us home.” “Apparently our boss that we work for  has a brand new BMW”. I said back to him: “I bet he won’t let us go near that one.”

About 3 hours later the helicopter landed in front of us. “Finally!” my friend said to me. Lets go! I said back to him. “Its not like we’re Mary, Rat, Cat or The Puppet from… never mind”I said. “so who cares”He replied. Lets just go. I said back to him.  We got into the helicopter and we finally got home and shared our adventure with our friends and family. And then I pretty much just went to my room and started reading The 39 Clues on my bed. THE END!!! NOW GO AWAY!!! NOW!!!

By the way way I won a Mmmmmmmiiillliiooonnnnnnnnnn dddddolllllllaaaaarrrrrrrrssssssss!!!!!!!!!!


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Post Privacy Published on August 28 | Adventure & Fantasy
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