What smell brings back happy memories? Start with the smell and lead into the happy memory. Tell it like a story.

The comal is so hot, that if it were not made of clay it would be on fire. The coals and corn husks underneath have begun to let off smoke. In the morning, the streets smell like a long line of campfires. But, it is just the smell of breakfast. Fresh, homemade corn tortillas sizzle as they flop onto the comal. They do not carry the sweet smell typically associated with corn, instead it is almost bitter. It makes your mouth water the same way thinking about pickles or vinegar chips does.

I stand there with my mother, watching her flip the tortillas. Memelas, molotes, tostados, quesadillas, empanadas she yells out to passers-by, advertising what she has to offer each and every morning. Her hands touch the scalding comal and tortilla without issue. She never shouts in pain, they way I do if I get too close. Is she a super-hero? Can she control fire?

She smiles down at me. What do you want to eat, mijito? She asks.
I point at the memelas and ask for two. She gives me three, because I am a growing boy who needs energy to go to school.

And then, we are here. And there are no comals, and no memelas except for in my kitchen. There is not a community of eaters, of sellers, of street food. Suddenly, breakfast comes in a box and lunch is vacuum packed and my father’s bakery exists only in our oven.


  • Very thicc and plentiful

  • This was honestly really good. I liked how there was just a sudden but clear switch between two settings and concepts at the end.

  • I like the way you described your senses. I could smell what you were explaining.

  • Great sensory detail!

  • Good narrative, tying senses together helps describe the scene.

  • My mouth was watering while reading this it was almost like I was there!

  • Sounds great and interesting, it reminds me of when my mom makes tortillas. (-=

  • Many great sensory details. The sensory details like sizzle, sweet smell, etc. helps the readers visualize this setting

  • I could sense how those smelled, the fact that they make your mouth water like pick;es makes my mouth water.

  • This story gives a good visual and a good understanding of how the surroundings smell, with very descriptive words.

  • I loved the details you used!

  • Great detail. I could smell what you were describing while reading it.

  • I like the way you used your smelling senses to describe your mom’s cooking and culture and I relate to this in so many ways.

  • Very nice! You did a great job at being descriptive.

  • The sensory details in this writing are really detailed and gives the audience a sense as to what it was like at that time. Like as I was reading this I felt as if I could image this moment. As if I could sense the tortillas flipping. This is a great post.

  • This article properly demonstrates the concept of implementing visual vernacular to enhance a story and setting.

  • I enjoyed reading this. The sensory detail took me back to watching my own mom make tortillas close to the comal. I could almost feel the heat.

  • I think you do a great job at addressing the visual aspect of your background. I think the best sensory example was the heat of the comal as it was unique and vivid. That said, I think it would be great to include descriptors of the smell of not only the comal, but the food itself. Not everyone has tried tamales, memelas, and the rest of those foods so, as hard as it may be, sensory descriptors of the smells of those foods would be a nice addition.

  • Love the way this was written

  • I like your writing b

  • I really liked the use of your sensory words.

  • I like how you added the sense, of your mother asking you if you wanted to eat, that really adds to the sense of enjoying the food.

  • Amazing detail! It’s as if I was there with you.

  • I really like how you expressed your feelings or emotions and how you were able to create a good picture in my mind using imagery.

  • Very descriptive towards the sense of smell. Good job!

  • Good sensory detail, very interesting story

  • With the way you described the memory with the sense of smell, we were able to kinda visualize what you were trying to explain. very well done:)

  • I really enjoyed your writing! It was very encapsulating and felt like I was there too.

  • aye man this dope keep it up feller

  • As I was reading I felt like I was there as well and I could smell everything you where describing. Love the way you wrote this.

  • Very good sensory details. I could really smell what you were describing.

  • i like your writing

  • The story was very encapsulating!

  • Great sensory detail, it really makes the reader feel as though they are actually in the kitchen.

  • I really like you sensory detail, is was a very good read.

  • very good detail. felt like i was there.

  • This is really good! Your sensory details are very good and it was nice and interesting to read!

  • I deeply love your expression of the sensory words to the point where others reading can also feel the joy and smell brought about by your words.

  • This is amazing. I love how I felt as if I was actually eating that breakfast.

  • I love the sensory detail in this is! It is a very unique and helps the reader to feel like they are apart of the story

  • I think you set the scene very well. I could easily picture what was going on.

  • Great Job! Your sensory detail makes it seem like I can smell the long line of campfires and hear the sizzle of the tortillas. It really lets the reader into the story.

  • Alejandro uses sensory detail to express to the reader the smells as if they were there with him.

  • I like the way that you described the heat coming from the comal it was almost like I could feel the heat through my screen.

  • this was great! i felt like i could smell everything like if i were actually there.

  • This had great sensory detail and I can imagine and relate to the fact of how my mom is immune to the comal but I burn myself everytime I touch it. I feel like i could smell and imagine everything.

  • This had great imagery and descriptive words!

  • I love your use of sensory detail. You are a very skilled writer.

  • Great writing, while ready it actually got me to think about the pickles and vinger chip, that make my mouth water. You are a very good writer.

  • This amazing the sensory details are on point and I love how descriptive it is.

  • The writing is very good and I like the sensory details of the food your mom makes, reminds me of when my mom cooks.

  • really good writing! I loved the way you made me feel like i was in the kitchen smelling all the food and then make my ,mouth water when you talked about the food.

  • The way you describe the sensations made it feels like I was watching a movie scene rather than just reading the post, great job!

  • The ending really struck me in the way that reality does when you wake up from a dream, very good :)

  • I like your use of vocabulary, I felt like I was there.

  • Your writing is great! I love your use of imagery and sensory details.

  • This writing was so inspiring and now I will add more details to my writing.

  • I like the detail in the passage because I can almost taste and smell the food in the story.

  • very good detail

  • Great! I love the use of Spanish and descriptive words.

  • i liked the way you put detail into the food your mom used to make it made my senses tingle.

  • I really liked the detail in this, you described the smell of breakfast very good.

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