Anyone can be an artist

  • Most people think they might not be good as an artist, but they don’t know that everyone has potential.  However, most people doubt their artistic abilities and skill, and they believe that they aren’t good at art at all.  Here are some ways to prove anyone can be good at art.  One, everyone needs practice on their art skills.  If you want to become a better artist, it’s okay to start out small, everyone begins their journey small, you might even gain knowledge on the way.  For example, think about how you started your hobby, did you start out small?  Did you learn anything on the way? How much did you improve?  Can you improve from where you are now? It’s like what everyone says, “Practice makes perfect.”  You need to know that you might not be great from the beginning, but you might later on.  Two,  they can take advice.  Sure you might get some criticism once in a while, but you might learn from it.  Maybe ask friends for advice, or look at your own artwork, and think of any ways you would like to improve.  Look at others artwork, and take notes on them.  Ask other people for help, or tips on how you can improve.  You need to change your art style once in a while, you can’t do the same thing every time.  Three, it doesn’t matter what style you use, all that matters is that you are bringing satisfaction to the people viewing your art.  And that you put time, effort, and emotion into it, and often make changes to them.  In conclusion, anyone can be an artist,and that all you need is time and effort. You don’t have to be the best, instead, do something that is enjoyable to you and your viewers.


  • I really like the way you set this up from a sort of personal point of view with the questions and I like how you added an ending statement.

  • This is really great advice for anyone starting a career in art.

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