Fall Leaves

I walked down the wood stairs right outside my house into the lawn I picked up a rack and started to pile up the leaves. There was more leaves than the week before and it was colder. As I got more and more done the sun got higher and higher. I only had a small section left and that’s where I found it. It was a small old looking key, the key looked very rusted and old. I never saw the key before and decided to keep it. I racked up more leaves for a while to find a ring. Confused I walked back up the stairs into the house. I looked closely to find some words carved into the metal ring. It said “values lay underneath” it reminded me of a treasure box like from pirates or something. For fun I studied the key to also found words it said “straight, left, right, dig”. It sounded like I should try to find something. I walked straight down the stairs and turned a left and a right. I began to dig right where I ended up it was near where I found the ring. As a dug I begun to see a wood crate I got closer and closer to it. I pulled it out of the ground and jerked the lid open but it didn’t open. I saw a place to unlock it, I thought it might need a key. The key I had earlier was needed to unlock the old wood crate, I found it and unlocked the lock. Then I jerked the lid open to find an hundred dollar bill. Right away I ran inside and started to list items I should buy and posting the news on Instagram. I went through posts on Instagram I found something that inspired me. They donated a thousand dollars to a shelter. I wanted to do the same that day I donated my hundred to a local shelter.

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