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Have you ever smelled old carpet or your wood patio now covered in the cake from your 3rd birthday? Well, that was the scent that I  smelled until my 9th birthday when we moved. We had looked for houses for about a year but me and my sister, Sarah only cared about the size of our bedrooms and the backyard. But when we did find the place for us, there was no backyard. Well, barely. Anyway, we started to move in this new house and unpack when we realized that school was two days away! We hadn’t even seen this school and classrooms. So, we rushed down to check it. Fast forward two days from then it was the first day of school and I was so nervous when we were walking to class. I felt like I was going to throw up!

“Hello, I am Mrs. Wagner,” I whipped around and saw an adult outstretching her hand.

“hhh-i,” I stuttered and ran to my seat.


The class had started.

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  • lovely story grace, I like how specific it is :)

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