Imagine that one morning you wake up on a deserted island.

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One morning, I woke up, and I felt weird. I woke up next to some sand, and then realized where I was. I was on a deserted island. I immediately got up and looked around. I could see a few trees, and the beach around me. This island was very small, so I felt safer, yet more uncomfortable. I walked around, and found a coconut tree. I somehow climbed it and got a coconut. I then drew a face on it and named it Bob. I kept walking around, and began to starve. I looked to the water and luckily saw some fish swimming around. I dashed around the island, looking for a long, sharp stick or something else like that. I found the perfect stick and charged for the fish. I got one fish on the stick and kept it on the stick. I managed to set up a fire with rocks and sticks, and proceeded to cook, and eat the fish. I then fell asleep that night feeling weird again. I woke up in my bed the next morning, realizing it was a dream. I had a sigh of relief and continued with my daily activities on a Sunday.

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Post Privacy Published on August 31 | Adventure & Fantasy
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