Is honesty always the right policy?

In my opinion, I believe that honesty is not always the right policy. There are times when you must tell the truth, though there are times where you must lie, and not be honest. It happens to everyone in life. Say you ate all the cookies out of the cookie jar, then your parents find out someone did that and talk to you, do you lie or be honest? In this case, be honest, its one of those cases where you should be honest. Now think about this. Say you are going to surprise someone on lets say… their birthday. They ask if you remembered their birthday, which if you do remember, it spoils the surprise. So you will lie then, but the surprise later will make it all up. I know it happens to people in life. You need to really pay attention to all the decisions you make, which I didn’t to much in 4th-5th, but hey it is life, you make mistakes. So anyway I am getting off topic, is honesty always the right policy? No, it is not always the best policy. There are times where you must lie to keep a secret or keep a surprise.

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Post Privacy Published on August 31 | Literature
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