mysterious manikin part 2

“I can’t move my arms or anything else!” “What did you do to us!” “Nice to see you ms. president.” “President!”  “Mom your the president!” “Now that I have gotten rid of you I can take over the world!”  “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were president of the USA, why didn’t you tell me?” “Well I didn’t want you to be harmed like if someone were to kidnapped you,then want all of our money.” “Enough talking I have costumes coming and I must turn them in to manikins then once I’m the boss around here I might turn everyone back just so they can serve me.” “You wont get away with this!” “I believe i already have.”  “Hello im here about the manikin is it still for sale?” “Why no its not but you will be a manikin.” “wait what!?”  “123 you will be a manikin!”  “I jumped in front  of the woman and i was a real boy again the woman raced out the doors and yelled for help,a man and his kids asked her what was wrong she said that a man in a strange looking store was turning people in to manikins the man took out his phone and called the police.” “Five minutes later the cops came and so did the army and the air fores!” “The man came out of the store with me,my mom,and the little girl,he said cease fire or else i will kill the president.” “Or we could do this.” ” Bring out the secret weapon boys. ” Then a helicopter came and dropped down a jack-in a box. ” What,is this a joke?! ” Wait for it.”  “POP!”  “Then smoke was coming out of the jack-in the box,out came a sorceress!” “Well if it isn’t my apprentice jack.” “Hello sindel and its not jack any more its dark madness.” “Well then dark madness its time for you to give up and turn your self in but first I must turn you people back to normal.” “And then my mom and the little girl was human again the cops took dark madness away and i thanked sindel for saving us and asked sindel if she could teach me some magic and she actually said yes. “After that things were pretty much normal or were they?”

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