Nobody was trick or treating at this house so we decided we would…

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Nobody was trick or treating at this house so we decided we would go ahead and head there. It was a dark Halloween night. It was about 9:00 PM and the younger kids were heading in, while the older kids were still out. Me and my friends Bob 1 and Bob 2 (not real people) knocked on the door. It opened and we said, “Trick or treat…”, but nobody was at the door. We got curious and peeked inside. A normal seeming house was before us, but it was very dark. The looks were normal, but the act was not. We decided it would be like a sort of adventure. We went in and entered the dark hallway. It was pretty spooky, though I kept going. There was some furniture around such as tables and chairs. The tables had some pictures on each one. Some normal pictures were there, but some were also pretty creepy. Especially the one with a girl dresses as a monster for Halloween, that seems normal when you say it, but the costume had sharp teeth and claws, and blood on the teeth and claws as well. Blood was in many places on that costume. As we kept going, we found a staircase, and as curious as ever, we went up. We eventually entered a bed room, with a sleeping girl. Then we managed to get in, but Bob 2 stepped on something. The girl woke up, and then immediately screamed. I jumped out of a window but I heard Bob 1 and Bob 2 scream. Blood splat on the windows, and I just ran away. The poor Bob’s were never seen again, though I think I know what caused their death…

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