The mystery leaves

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I was ranking the leaves when I saw a dirty shiny item that was covered in dirt. I picked up the item, and I brought the item to the house and I cleaned it up with some water, and it was a key with a tag I looked at the tag and it had a number and the number was 13, and the house was in the forest. When it became night the time was around 3:00 am in the morning,so I sneaked out of the house, and I could not see a thing so I got a flash light, and went to the forest.I entered the forest, and I heard creepy sounds, and the deeper I got in the forest the scarer the forest is and I saw a house I went up to the house, and ┬áthe door was locked. I used the key from earlier and the door slowly opened “creek creek creek” I walked in the house and it was all just a party I was scared for no reason.


  • I like to comment

  • Good story and good word choice

  • This is really cool, it got so intense to reveal something not to scary, awesome!

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