You’re scared.  You start to panic as your breaths get shorter and faster.  Tears fill your eyes and your heart feels like it is about to burst out of your chest.  Have you ever felt this awful feeling known as anxiety?  Anxiety doesn’t have to rule your life limiting the amount of things that you could be doing.  In some cases people have panic attacks that cause them to feel panicked and start to cry.

        Anxiety is like an alarm that follows you everywhere you go.  Whenever you start to get nervous, the alarm goes off and you can’t help but panic.  The alarm makes you feel stressed and scared.  Many people suffer major anxiety and even panic attacks in  their everyday lives.   I have experienced anxiety a lot of times, and even a few panic attacks.  It is an awful feeling.  You feel hopeless, like you are going to suffer this sense of panic forever.  It is a truly scary feeling.  Panic attacks don’t always have to end in you crying on the floor.  If you realize how ridiculous you are acting you can stay strong and get over your anxiety.

One day my family went to Payson for the day to go fishing.  We were down by the lake – I was already freaking out because I was just chased by a snake – when all of a sudden a huge elk sneaks up right next to us to take a drink of water from the lake.  I totally lost my cool and started breathing very heavily.  My family moved closer in fascination but did not notice me looking like I was about to have a heart attack.  After about 5 minutes of my family having a staring contest with the elk I couldn’t handle the anxiety anymore, so I climbed up the massive rocks, ran to the car as fast as I could, and locked myself in the car.  In there I had a panic attack. My heart was pounding, I was crying and I was hiding under the seats.  I remember feeling so scared and paranoid like it was going to come over and eat me.

       Anxiety can cause you to exaggerate.  Usually when it’s over, you realize that you were being over dramatic and it wasn’t that bad.  It can even make you braver by giving you the experience and overcoming the anxiety.  After all, you might feel better about the situation and yourself.  Anxiety is not a slight feeling of nervousness when you can just play it off and say “I got this”.  It makes you feel like you are going to fail miserably.  It hits you like a rock – you could be in a really good mood but then all of a sudden you remember that you have to present to the class or school.  Instantly your emotions can change from happy to terrified.  Anxiety is not a question that you ask yourself.  Instead it is a ton of terrifying questions that you will ask yourself.

       In conclusion,  anxiety can make you feel and think negatively.  The alarm will go off without warnings usually in a scary or nerve racking situation.  It can be very hard sometimes.  “I really hate anxiety, it’s like having two people living in your head.  One is logical, and the other is paranoid and psycho.”-Unknown.  This is what it is like when your anxiety kicks in and you start going crazy.  When you are paranoid, you think about the worst stuff.  The quote given sums up what having anxiety is like.  People come in different forms and so does anxiety, it depends on the situation and  person.  Now I look back and realize that there are people that have panic attacks a lot more.

“And it can feel, at times, if you let your anxiety get the better of you,

like everybody’s waiting for you to really mess up – and then you’ll be done” – Taylor Swift





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  • I love how you showed emotion in this essay ;)

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