My biggest accomplishment

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My biggest accomplishment is when I got my overhand serve in volleyball. It was when I was in the 4th grade and I was at volleyball practice and my coach she knew that I had gotten my underhand serve so she thought it was time for me to get my overhand serve. When she told me what to do and how to get the technique down I was thinking in my head that it was going to be easy because my coach made it look easy,when I tried it went nowhere. So for about 1 month I didn’t understand how to get it, and my coach kept showing me how to get the toss because most of the time kids don’t get their overhand serve is because of their toss. So for the next few practices all I worked on was the toss, when I finally got the toss down I was ready to hit the ball now. That practice my coach wanted to see where I was on my serve, when I showed her, the ball hit the net. My coach kept telling me to keep trying, and as I kept trying I eventually got the ball over the net.

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