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A tool bag. A tool box. Essential to any builder, scientist or curious mind. I am all of those, except I’m not. I am a citizen scientist and a citizen builder. I am not trained in the field of physics or medicine. I am just a curious mind. Who needs a toolbox. I have some essentials that I have to have in my tool box, all day, every day. Here are a few.

I need a cell phone. Not only can I contact my fellow citizen scientists, but I can use it to research, record and collect. There are apps, such as GLOBE Observer, that let you record data about the world around you that is guaranteed to be put to good use. I can also research on the phone. I need to know what the temperature is outside right this minute? Say hello to Mr. Google! I can also record my data on my phone and sleep soundly knowing that it is safe on the cloud and not lost somewhere on my mess of a desk.

I also need a teammate. A buddy. A parabatai. I work much better with a person to collaborate with. I love just to flood my ideas into a pool with other people’s and mix and match until we find the perfect fit. In order for me to be at 200%, I have to have somebody that can climb up there with me and give me a little boost when I get discouraged or unable to continue.

Grit. In order for me to actually continue with my curious nature, I have to have grit in my toolbox. Just a cup of persistince and a boatload of passion will keep my fire roaring. If I am thinking about quitting, I can just sprinkle a bit of gritty powder over my head and I can continue with my raging passion for learning.

That’s it. A few essentials that keep me going every day. Sure, I have to add in other things on a daily basis, but those things never leave (Well, my parabatai is allowed to leave because I don’t want to have to carry them around all day. That would hurt my shoulder.). Well, I have to go prepare my toolbox for tomorrow and now you know three things that are definitely going to be in it (My parabatai is not going in my toolbox, though. They will have to use their legs. They have them for a reason and that reason is not to sit cross-legged in a bag while I lug them around town.)

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