The Big Wipe Out

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Have you ever hurt yourself really bad? Well here is the time I did that. One time I was riding my bike down my bumpy road and I was wearing sandals. I was peddling really fast  then my foot slipped I lost balance and fell over but I kept on going. My sister Ashley realized I was not behind her so she turned around and yelled “Kailey! are you ok?!” “Yea i’m fine” I said calmly. I looked down and all I see is blood and my sandal was about 20 yards away. I was questioning if i was really ok.  

The person’s house I stopped by came running out helping me up asking where I live and telling her daughter to help me with my bike and helped me home. At that point I did not feel pain. I went inside my sister yelled for my parents, and I collapsed still covered in blood. my parents came rushing out and helped me onto the couch and at that point I was screaming in pain. My mother ran out to get a wet washcloth to clean up the blood. My father asked “Do we have IBuprofen?” My mom answered with “No but I  will go and get some.”

 Apparently my mom went up to the store crying and telling the cashier what had happened. My mom came rushing in getting a glass of water and giving me IBuprofen. My dad asked ” What would make you feel better?” I only answered with screams of pain. He  said  “Icecream?” I nodded. he took my sister to go get Icecream for us while my mom stayed with me. I was still screaming and my mom suddenly stopped and said “It sounds like you’re giving birth!” “IF IT HURTS THIS BAD I DON’T WANT A BABY!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. my mom laughed and I calmed down and my dad and my sister got home with icecream and all was well.



  • The details in this story are terrific! I especially like the part where your dad asks if you want ice cream. It reminds me of “I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream!” I’m curious: was your foot hurt badly? How long did it take to heal?

    • Yea, it was hurt pretty badly but I still have a scar on my leg.

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