Top 10 Reasons My Dogs Love Me

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  1. She listens to me
  2. She is fluffy
  3. She drops her toys to come see me
  4. She licks me
  5. She’s cute
  6. She likes it when I take her for walks
  7. She follows me around
  8. She wags her tail when I see her
  9. She plays with me
  10. I love her




  1. She wags her tail when I come
  2. She sits, lays down, and catches treats in mid-air
  3. She follows me
  4. She sits right in front of me
  5. She sleeps if I sit next to her
  6. She likes to play fetch
  7. She likes it when I brush her
  8. She rubs her back against my legs
  9. She plays tug-of-war with me
  10. I love her

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  • I love it :):):):):):):):):)

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