If I could choreograph a dance to any song it would be Castle of Glass by Linkin Park. A reason why is because I have thought about making choreography to this song for a long time now. Another reason why is that the song has a lot of emotion into it. Another reason why is that with this song, you can do a very emotional dance by yourself or with others and it’s really fun. Another reason why is that the song is not to slow, but not too fast either.


Another song I would choreograph moves to would be Holiday by Green Day. The reasoning why is because the song is something you would want to dance to. I love this song and sing along when the blue moon comes and it is on the radio. Another reason is that it is an old song, but it is a great song and I would put it on repeat for a week if I could, but Google Play won’t let me. Another reason is because it doesn’t have any emotion so you can have our dancer(s) looking like they are ruthless human beings and it’s great.

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Post Privacy Published on October 06 | Hobbies & Fun
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