when I think summer is officially over

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When I think summer is offically over is when I have to walk into the school for the first day. I think thats it over because all of my freedom is gone and I can’t do anything fun cause I have to go to school. Another reason I think it’s over is because the pools close on labor day weekend and that’s also, another reason I know summer is coming to an end. The reason I mostly think school is over because I don’t really have time to do the fun things because I have volleyball everyday after school till 5:00 and then most tuesdays or mondays I have volleyball games after school. Also, at school I have to do my homework and by the time i’m done with that I have to shower , then eat and then go to bed. The last thing I really think about when summer is over is when they start to put the school supplies onto the shelf’s. That is when I really think summer is offically over.

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